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23rd December 2009

2:36pm: Well, hello there!
It has been months since I updated this thing, but here goes:

School: I am done! Done-y done done done! Thursday, I finished my last final then went to the airport to fly to OH for Xmas time. So, yes. I am officially finished with school getting a BS in Anthropology w/a focus in Archaeology. Ta Da! I'm so glad it's over :-)

Work: Let's face it? Working as a receptionist in a hair salon is soooo totally not me. I do not enjoy working there. My coworkers are okay, but the boss is quite passive aggressive and that drives me wonky. She has no social skills, I'm tellin ya. However, the economy is quite rough right now. So I'll keep the job- but I've been on the lookout for a new job.

Wedding: I have a good chunk of the wedding stuff done, which is fantastic. It seems to be getting awfully close now. Bah! Marriage is fine... but weddings are scary. I'm making 1000 paper cranes for one of the wedding decorations- I have 300 done so far. Getting married at the Park of Roses is quite apropriate for Nick and I. It should be a fun time. We're going to have Indian food, dancing, etc. Nick and I need to go cake testing while we're here in OH, which is not exactly a chore ;-)

Other: I'm having my own photo gallery showing in Baltimore not long after I get back. That should be interesting. And weird and possibly uncomfortable for me.... but hopefully not. I loathe being the center of attention. But I am also happy about having my own show. I guess I have mixed feelings :-)

So I've been here in OH for almost a week already and I'll be here to the 4th. I guess that's the extent of my update (Can't think of anything else of done really. Oh! I went to two weddings in October- Adam and Katie in Ohio and my cousin Antony and Jess in NJ. Also my cousin Kris had a baby and some B'more friends had a baby as well.) Anyway... if I don't get back on here in the near future, have a happy christmahanukwanzakah, a merry festivus, and a fantastical New Year!

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18th September 2009

12:30pm: Hallo :-)
It's been awhile, so here's an update!:

Nick and I went to Las Vegas for a weeklong vacation in mid-August. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We actuallu spent very little time in Vegas itself. Naturally, we did the normal touristy thing, we took photos, checked out the hotels and the strip, and did a night of drinking gambling on Fremont Street (where our hotel was). We swam on the rooftop pool in the evenings where we had a clear shot of the Stratosphere all lit up. But mostly we spent our time in the desert. We climbed rocks in Red Rock Canyon, swam in Lake Mead, marveled over Hoover Dam, survived Death Valley (itw as 115 degrees!), and saw ancient Indian petroglyphs and the Perseid meteor shower at the Valley of Fire. We glimpsed an assortment of wildlife in their natural habitats like a coyote, a rattlesnake (which, mind you, was a foot away from us), oodles of lizards, and a herd of bighorn sheep. We saw many a cacti, wildflower, and Joshua tree. It was simply wonderful. I didn't realize how much I'd love the desert. I dream about it constantly now, which just makes me miss it :-) It was a great vacation. Nick and I hadn't been on a vacation together in years.

After my last class today, I fly home to go to Katie's bridal shower (Yay!)
I'll be flying to OH a lot for the rest of the year, actually- my birthday weekend for Adam and Katie's wedding, Thanksgiving, and my normal two weeks for Christmas. I can't wait!

The place where I worked closed, which sucks. I still have a job though, mind you, but it's on the other side of town. Although there are some bonuses to this: an awesome hole-in-the-wall coffee shop and suepr authentic Mexican food! But other than that, I'm not too happy about the change... time to job hunt maybe?

I'm in my last semester of school (thank god) and graduate in December or January (whenever the hell graduation is). I basically only neeed

27th July 2009

2:17pm: I've been working nonstop since I came back from my Ohio trip a few weeks ago, which I guess is okay, but I would like some time to, you know, do Rachel-y things as well. And I can now! At least until Thursday when I have to work again. The stylists I work with, including the owner, all flew out for a Paul Mitchell convention in Las Vegas. So I now have a surprising (but non unwelcome) mini vacation! So what have I been doing with it? Nothing! LOL, okay, not really....

Nick's parents drove out to visit us for a few days from the middle of last week and left yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to work most of the time they were visiting and could only really see them in the evenings. But we had lunch together on Friday. And Friday night, after work we picked up lunch meat and fruit and such and wandered up to Hopkins to see the last film in their summer movie series- Ghostbusters- and had ourselves a nice little picnic and a movie!

Saturday, we went to the Book Thing and the farmer's market. We also took a road trip to check out random small towns along the western edge of the Chesapeake Bay and ate some yummy seafood on a restaurant on a pier and wandered around. It was nice and relaxing. We were going to go to the eastern shore, but the Bay Bridge (the ONLY convenient way to get to the eastern shore) had a 10 mile delay- yikes!

So I do have time off this week until Thursday when I have to go back to work- but I'm at work at this moment doing some random crap for the owner. Such as doing the towels/laundry (because mildewy towels are uncool), watering the plants, and replugging in the computer and such (because BGE had a scheduled power outage on Sunday and the calls for here are forwarded to our other salon location so they can make appointments for us while we're closed but this computer needs to be on and functioning for them to have the capability to make the appts)

What to do with the next few days I have off? I might play softball tonight, go to D.C. tomorrow, and sew Katie's bridal shower gift. One thing is for certain- there is eggplant parmesan in my future! ;-)

Well.... I'm gonna check the towels and go back home and whip out the old sewing machine. Peace out, yo.
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17th July 2009

2:10pm: it's been forevers since i typed on this mo fo!

my trip home to Oh was good. it mostly consisted of food, friends, family, movies, and more awesome food. i got little to nothing done in the way of wedding arranging, but whatever. i have quite awhile to do all that!

i've been working nonstop since i got back last week though. but this weekend should be exciting (starting today)!

- Tonight: JHU outdoor summer movie series presents the Dark Knight! Sounds like a night picnic and a movie! YESH!
- Tomorrow: my day off! I should get some chores done then the evening consists of seeing a free Cake concert at Artscape with my second wifey! Hooray for free concerts!
- Sunday: Back to Artscape with Nick to actually look at art and whatnot and to see my personal favorite- art cars!

Nick's parents are coming to visit on Wednesday next week and are staying till Sunday. Should be fun! I expect good food and sight seeing shall be had! I wonder if Zack is coming?

Nick and I are going to Las Vegas next month for a week. I can't wait! I'm going to take oodles of pictures and I get to see the Perseid meteor shower! In the desert no less! (And yes, I did plan this trip around a meteor shower. Don't judge me! I'm a nerd!)

all in all- everything is peachy :-)

oh, and katie? nick and i did buy plane tickets for your wedding in october! i will let you know mid-august whether or not i'll be able to make the bridal shower.
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5th June 2009

4:47pm: Save the Date!
Nick and I have set a wedding date!

The wedding (and reception) will be next year to the day: June 5th, 2010 at Whetstone Park of Roses!
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30th May 2009

11:30am: An update
Been awhile since my last post, so...

School: Had my last final on the 18th (thanks the gods). My final grades are three A's and a B+. Huzzah. I'm not taking any classes this summer but I'm almost done! I graduate in December!

Wedding: My dad is on a mission to book the Park of Roses for our wedding and reception, basically a year from now (Go dad!). I haven't done too much in the way of planning just yet, but I will soon. And I'll let people know exactly when we'll be getting married when I find out LOL

Summer Vacations: I'll be in Ohio June 20-July 6. Be prepared! I'm also going to request time off for about 5 days in August for Nick and I to go to Las Vegas. We haven't been on a non-Ohio vacation in over 5 years!! I think gambling, taking mad crazy photos of Vegas and visiting the surrounding areas (such as Death Valley and Hoover Dam) sounds like fun!

Fun Stuff: Saw Terminator Salvation and Star Trek, went to the Farmer's Market with one of my classmates, ate sushi numerous times, saw my first game at Camden Yards last night (Matt Wieters debut!), and saw a play directed by John Astin!

Health=TMICollapse )

8th May 2009

1:11pm: Sooo...
... Thanks everyone!

We don't have any super definite plans, just yet. And frankly, I don't want to think about it right at this moment because next week is finals week *twitch*... but I AM uber happy.

There are several things that we are a bit of a definite so I may as well share it now:
- we will be getting married in Columbus (makes sense since both of our immediate families are there- but it will make planning a bit tricky from a different state)
- we want Kumar (i.e. the Indian Kitchen) to cater (So yes there will be vegetarian/non vegetarian, spicy/non spicy food there- all super tasty)
- we are planning the wedding for Spring 2010 (next year)

I think I will have to do a fair amount of planning/organizing this summer because I'm going to be very busy this fall (with fulltime school stuff, fulltime work stuff, and graduating). So as soon as I figure out a guest list, I'll go from there.


I'm starving to death so I'm off to devour. I think next week I'll treat myself to a rotating sushi bar in post-finals/engagement bliss! huzzah! (Not that I need an excuse to eat sushi LOL)
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7th May 2009

1:34pm: Nick and I had our 9th anniversary on Tuesday and...
... we are now, officially, engaged! We will be getting married in Spring 2010.
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28th April 2009

11:30am: Yay!
I had a much needed mini break for the weekend free of school work and my job. My parents came up for the weekend and it was lovely. We went to Annapolis, walked on a small beach and ate at a fancy restaurant in an old building in the center of town. We went to the Hopkins Spring Fair (someone was selling sugar gliders at the fair!!!), drove down to D.C. and went to some Smithsonians, and ate oodles of food. It was my dad's b-day on friday so I made him a strawberry and blackberry pie.

Now they're gone and I have to do school work again. LAME!

I think next year I am going to get a booth for Comfest and sell an assortment of things like jewelry, aprons, tea trays, etc. Should be fun! I've been wanting to have a booth at Comfest for years now. I think this is a good idea. What do you guys think? Suggestions?
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28th February 2009

4:36pm: Update of sorts
This past week (I believe 2/24 to be exact) marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Laura Palmer. I think I'll celebrate this evening by having a damn fine cup of coffee with donuts, while snuggling in warm blankets, and watching Twin Peaks.

Starting tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2nd Annual Mustache March LOL. Last night, at the bar, there were, quite literally, a dozen of us. The goal of last nights meeting? To drink a lot and make up ridiculous rules for the contest. The judging will be on the last day of March. Expect retarded pictures on my facebook at that time. Speaking of which, I think I'll be participating this year MUA HA HA HA ;)

School has been okay. Lots of reading, not a lot of work other than a paper here or there. (Thank goodness! Because I hate pointless busy work!)

I am now the proud owner of sushi earrings and taco earrings! <--- dork LOL

I'm trying to plan two vacations this summer: (1) my usual 2 week Ohio trip home and (2) a one week trip to Las Vegas! Nick and I are trying to save money, by and large (due to the fact that he will not be getting school funding next year), but I really really want to go on a vacation! (It's been years since we've been on one!) If I can't go out of the country *sob* I would like to go somewhere I have never been within the U.S., which, admittedly, is just about anywhere because my family didn't travel when I was growing up. I've always wanted to take advantage of photo opportunities that Vegas has to offer. I'm not particularly interested in gambling, although I might play a few games. However, there are oodles of shows to go to. We can also rent a car and wander around the area. Maybe go see Hoover Dam or hike around Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, or other nearby parks. I wanna see some petroglyphs! And take a gargantuan amount of photos!


< / end update >
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17th February 2009

11:47am: Nick and I had a lovely Valentine's Day (we had ours on the 13th actually, since I didn't have to work and I got out of school early). We went to MyThai for dinner and ate fantastic Thai food and had sushi. On the way back home, I picked up two pieces of chocolate raspberry torte to devour when we got home, where we sat watching the X-Files, savoring the cake, and sipping dark hot chocolate, and snuggling. On Valentine's Day itself, I had to work for 9 hours, but I bought a bottle of champagne on my way home that night, which we drank after dinner, while eating Milano cookies and playing Scattergories and Yahtzee. It was a simple, yet wonderful and fulfilling weekend. Just the two of us having together time and hanging out (which we don't often get to do with our work schedules)


Needless to say, I am behind in my reading. The majority of it has to do with the fact that I ordered my books for my classes online and they came about two weeks after the semester had already started. There is also another fact to consider and that is that I take time out of my evening to make dinner and watch the X-Files LOL. Sooooo... I'm basically reading 5 books right now. Just switching off between them. This semester is very book heavy but not a lot of labor is involved, which is a nice change from last semester (*is secretly thankful that she's not in Durington's class this time around regardless of the fact that he's hot*). Sure I have papers to write, but they are spread out (which could change of course). But mostly the work consists of reading a lot and periodic book reviews, which, admittedly, are some of my least favorite things to write.

I wish I had money (or I guess $4500 or so) to spend on going on an expedition in Nairobi to monitor the behavior and movement of elephants for the summer in Tsavo OR to study Rapa Nui culture on Easter Island. (Both are through Earthwatch.org )
Note to self: win the lottery

I'm feeling the urge to go on an adventure... but not one that is just self fulfilling.
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5th February 2009

11:30am: Misha is a funny hamster. When I give her a scoop of seeds, she immediately runs over and stores as many as she can in her pouches and then proceeds to run in her wheel because she's so excited. But if you give her a pretzel or a whole walnut, something she can't fit in her pouches, she goes into nervous, panic, hammy mode and runs around in circles and zooms all over the place with it, clutching it in her teeth, as well as running in her wheel with it, because she thinks either she'll lose it or someone is going to steal it from her. It's kind of funny to watch but it also makes me feel a little bad that something that's supposed to be a treat is turned into something to freak out about LOL

In other news, I may have a cold. Maybe not. There is a lot of sneezing and nose blowing, but nothing else ann no sick, floppy feeling either.

Yesterday, I didn't go to classes *gasp* because the night before I banged my knee really really hard on the refrigerator door and it knocked my kneecap so my knee was swollen and I had trouble bending it, let alone go up and down stairs all day at school.

The other day, I made a really awesome soup that consisted of butternut squash, potatoes, bacon, and swiss cheese w/various herbs. It was sooooo good.

There is a ... disturbing smell in my bedroom. Nick and I cannot figure out what it is! We never eat in our bedroom so there's no food left out or anything. We can't seem to place the smell either, most likely because we are both stuffed up a bit. The only things I can think of that it might be is either mildew (in the walls maybe? I dunno it's a old building though) OR another dead mouse (damn old row houses!)... blech. I hope we can figure this out soon.
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10:49am: Happy Birthday purplecleo!!! Hope you have a good one!!!

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25th January 2009

12:27pm: I'll just say this now...
... since I start my spring semester at school tomorrow and won't have time...

Happy New Year on Monday! It's the Year of the Ox! XD

I hope my New Year's Eve dinner tonight is yummilicious! ( I have no idea why, but I always think that I'm going to make crap for other people even though I'm an excellent cook. Too much pressure I put on myself for no reason! LOL)
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20th January 2009

12:55pm: OBAMA!!!!
I'm so excited for America! This is a big step! Go us!!! XD
I'm so jealous Nick went to DC today. Bah to having to work! But I have a live feed online and CNN on satellite radio and I'm sitting here so happy with tears in my eyes!
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16th January 2009

1:57pm: So what are your New Year's resolutions?
Rachel's New Year's Resolutions:
- learn another language
- exercise more in hopes of losing weight
- buy fewer coffees out (I just bought a bag of Kona coffee so this should help!)

I asked Nick if he made any New Year resolutions and he replied, "to eat more goat." LOL (He's joking, btw)
He would also like to learn Esperanto. What an oddball.
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13th January 2009

10:24am: Well, the asian grocery I found was 'okay.' It had a lot of kitchen items (I may go back and buy the bamboo steamer) but not a lot of food stuffs. Although it did have noodles! And my favorite instant noodle! And lychee drinks! It's something I guess, yet a bit disappointing. I'd really like to go to the one my boss mentioned that's like a full scale grocery, but I can't remember where she said it is. Gotta remember to ask her Saturday...
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11th January 2009

12:10pm: Year of the Ox
Other than working since I came back to Maryland, the only things I have been doing are watching loads of The X-Files, playing video games, and trying to figure out what I want to make for Chinese New Year's Eve. I think I finally found an Asian grocery, so yay!

For the menu I have thus far for Chinese New Year:
stir fried beef with orange
a plate of sliced oranges (and possibly other fruit)
Chinese green beans
grilled shrimp spring rolls
fried rice
dumplings (optional)
phoenix rolls
desserts of some sort (maybe pre-made from the Asian grocery)

Needless to say, I am having a dinner party with my Baltimore "family" XD

I can adopt holidays if I want to even if I'm not Chinese! So nanner nanner! My wifey is Chinese anyway! LOL :-P

I've celebrated Chinese New Year for about 8 years and used to go over friends houses who were Chinese when I was little and eat yummy things! The decor for the new year is amazing and it's one of only two holidays I get excited about anymore :-)

OMG I'm strarving to death! Must.. go.. home.. soon...
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6th January 2009

11:22am: Welp. I'm back in Merryland.
Ohio was the awesome, by and large. Saw several movies (The Spirit w/Rocky and Benjamin Button w/dad), got to hang out with peeps. Received an enormous amount of Christmas gifts that I'm amazed I somehow was able to bring the majority of them home. Ooooh I need these trips periodically. Too bad I won't be there again until summer!

The only bad thing about my trip was Meep dying the day after Christmas, which was just plain terrible. I thought about this last night- she was born on Isaac and Breyanna's birthday and died on Ilya's birthday. How odd? I loved that Meep. I've known her since the day she was born. We buried her in the garden in my parents backyard. Mom bought one of those stepping stone kits and we made Meepers a headstone out of it, with glass flower mosaics and a mosaic cat head with her birth and death dates on it. She was the sweetest cat I've ever known, loved everyone, never bit anyone. She will be missed :'(

New Years at Adam and Katie's was a riot. Oodles of people, tons of yummy food, and, naturally, video games. Here's a picture I stole from either Vinh or Arnell, which I feel sums of the party nicely ;)

Rockband, yo!!!
From L-R: Katie (on drums), Zack (on guitar), Pernell (on the mike), me, and Alex (also o guitar).


Last night Nick and I did our Christmas exchange. Late, I know, but I had a heck of a time getting one of his gifts! Anyway... he bought me the entire X-Files series!!! Woo!!!!! Oh that's going to keep me busy ;)
*gives a thumbs up*

I'm exhausted today. I have to get used to waking up early again. Yech.
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26th December 2008

11:23pm: Meep died. My angel kitty.

I'm glad I was with her all day and that she was around those she loved.
3:40pm: Merry (belated) Christmas! I had a fantastic time with family and friends eating hords of seafood on Christmas Eve and then ham and such on Christmas Day. Me nieces and nephews are a hoot and they all seemed to enjoy themselves (and their presents) very much. I recieved oodles this year. So much my parents are going to have to bring some of the gifts out to me when they come to Baltimore next.

Today is my nieces 8th birthday. I will not be going. Not because of family but because I have chosen to stay home with Meep (our cat) who is, quite literally, in the process of dying. She can hardly move. I have never seen something so sad. She's taken a turn after Thanksgiving- losing more than half her body weight and now she can barely walk. I don't think she's eating or drinking... Mom and dad left this morning to go out to the bank and I heard Meep crying in the hallway so I stopped eating my soup and sat on the floor with her for an hour even though my leg fell asleep, painfully, and she crawled into my lap wincing and making sad pain squeeks the whole time. And I just sat thbere petting her, crying, and talking to her nicely. She just wants to be with her people right now- so we made a box for her to lay in and put in one of her favorite spots in the living room so she can be around everyone. Mom and dad are going to stop by Ilya's party, but I want to be with my Meep, the sweetest cat I have ever come across.
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21st December 2008

9:24am: Psst *whisperwhisper* (I'm at work)

As soon as I get off work today, I'm flying home! And guess what? I can stay an extra day!
So I'll be home today Dec. 21 to Jan 5!

I almost slipped off our porch this morning onto a cat. (Her name is Lucy or Lucky or something- but she's friendly and catches mice). Needless to say she rocked away. LOL

Oh yeah. I had a strange dream the other day. My friends from Ohio and my friends here in Baltimore were all on a cruise ship together with me eating at an Indian buffet and we were completely wasted and our friend here John W. and Paul in Ohio were harassing the waiters about the music trying to get them to play Nirvana and Aerosmith really loud so they could sing to it. We need to make this happen ;)
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17th December 2008

1:35pm: Christmas Ohio trip 2008
I'll be home this Sunday, Dec. 21st to Jan. 4th! I might be able to change my plane tickets to stay an extra day because I don't have to work on the 5th. So yay! An extra day! I'll have to switch that this weekend when I check my work schedule to double make sure that it's possible.

Two finals down, two to go. I'm almost there! Yesssss! I have to do Christmas shopping as soon as I get back home. Anyone down for toy shopping when I get back?
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12th December 2008

4:44pm: Last night, I dreamt that I bought Nick a black Frenchie for his birthday and I named him Puff Company, so we called him Puffco for short. Needless to say... now I want a Frenchie more than EVAR!!! But, alas, they are a bajillion zillion trillion dollars (okay maybe not that much... but they tend to be $1000+, in part because they're born by c-section because they have big fat alien puppy heads!)
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7th December 2008

11:16am: It's official...
I have finally set up shop! Check me out at:


Currently I have only jewelry up for sale. But soon enough I will expand to stenciled clothing and homemade totes and purses!

I figure I make stuff all the time anyway, why not sell it on Etsy!
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